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Press releases and announcements

Meeting of the HIFM directors, Dr. Sasho Stefanovski and Orhan Ramadani with the Association of parents of children with endocrine disorders "Rast (Growth)”...more

Press conference
New electronic services - electronic requests for sick leave and maternity leave and report on temporary incapacity for work - Incentives for insureds, businesses and primary healthcare physicians...more

Press conference
February - month of electronic services of the Health Insurance Fund
Promotion of new electronic service - electronic certificates of orthopaedic devices...more

Press conference
Increased budgets for new methods and more health-care...more

Press conference
Annex to the current agreements on relaxing the punitive provisions for pharmacies...more

Press conference
Increasing the capitation for primary healthcare physicians...more

Press conference

Increasing the capitation for primary care dentists...more

Social Insurance Agreement between Slovakia and Republic of Macedonia, and signing of the Agreement for use of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) on the territory of Republic of Macedonia by insureds from Slovakia...more

Press conference

Electronic certificates for blood donors...more

From now on the co-payment of 6.000 denars for exercising the right to in vitro will be borne by the Fund’s budget, and will apply to the right for an in vitro for third and fourth child, in addition to the right for first and second child, for up to three attempts...more

Press conference
Facilitating the penal policy - new benefits for the operation of primary healthcare physicians and dentists...more

Results of a new call centre for chronic patients...more

Press conference
Facilitate the work of primary healthcare physicians - faster prevention, Exchange of result data from LU1 laboratories via electronic means...more

Press conference
New software of the HIFM for advancing the administrative processes with healthcare institutions...more

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